See a limited list of potential add-ons.  Contact us if you do not see what you are looking for.

Payment Channels

Create different payment links for different areas of your business (products, services, events, A/B testing, etc.)

Recurring Payments

Create weekly, monthly, annually recurring payments with your customers.

Payment Plans

Create customized payment plans to provide flexibility for customers or aged debtors.

Payment Notifications

Receive a payment notification via email and/or SMS each time you receive a payment from a customer.

Payment Redirect

Redirect your customers after they pay to thank you pages, product pages, social media channels, etc.

Custom Data Capture

Add custom fields to your payment links to capture additional information from your customers for personal details, invoice/customer reference, opt-ins, etc.

Dual Pricing or Compliant Surcharging

You can implement different pricing strategies or encourage ACH or cash payments.

NFC Payments

Go frictionless with tap and go payments by card or mobile wallet.

QCR Payments

Make it easy for customers to pay by mobile device.

Website Pay Widget

Add payment links to a floating widget on your website to make paying easier for your customers.

Multiple Users

Give additional staff access and set different permissions.

Nudge Outstanding Payments

Resend payment requests or send a gentle reminder at any time with one click.

Customizable Emails

Customize the ‘thank you’ confirmation emails your customers receive.

Customizable Reminder Sequencing

Set the timings your customer receives your payment reminders.

Customized Invoices

Upload your own invoice to payment requests or have the system generate one for you.

Bulk Payment Requests

Send out payment requests to a list of customers.

CRM Integrations

Integrate into your CRM.

Fund Raising Progress Bar

Track funds and share the progress with your supporters.